General Repairs


Service Price
Hourly rate for HIGHLY skilled laborer $49.00
HIGHLY skilled laborer for FULL 8-HR day $390.00
Water heater replacement $425.00
Pre-hung exterior door $275.00
Kitchen cabinetry, counters and flooring-vinyl update $1,250.00
Ceramic wall demolition/installation-tub area $1,250.00
Faucet replacement $125.00
Toilet replacement $150.00
Ceramic floor installation (material and labor) $8.00 per sq ft
Ceramic floor AND backerboard installation (materials and labor) $6.50 per sq ft
Painting $.75 per sq ft
Cleaning $.20 per sq ft
*Some restrictions apply. Prices are subject to change due to material upgrades, availability of Vendor, access to make repairs and other factors. Call us for details.

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