Rental Eligibility Criteria

Little Landlords, LARGE Penalties for Fair Housing Violations

The DC Office of Human Rights’ Fair Housing program was established in 1999 to eradicate discrimination in housing in the District of Columbia. In addition to enforcing local and federal fair housing laws, it conducts annual education campaigns and outreach events, including the annual Fair Housing Symposium in partnership with District government agencies and community partners. Read more.



received a call from a distressed Landlord…
a few years ago. This Landlord was also a real estate broker who had been in the business of buying, selling, investing and property management for well over 20 years. He is clearly among the top 20% of savvy Landlords in the District of Columbia and he was in distress because the attorneys at the DC Office of Human Rights’ Fair Housing were pursuing him aggressively.

He wanted to know if I had any personal contacts there and he wanted to call in a favor. He expressed that the fines the agency purposed to assess were exorbitant.


           My job is to disabuse Landlords with only a few rentals who believe that they will not be held accountable because they are small.



queried the Landlord because this was the 1st …
this was the 1st that I had heard of a small Landlord getting ensnared in fair housing violation cases with exorbitant penalties. It became apparent within minutes that he could have beat the case and avoided the exorbitant fines had a Rental Eligibility Criteria been in place.

About the author …

  1. Landlord for 17 years
  2. Real estate broker for 16 years
  3. Former Vice Chairman of the Section 8’s DCHPA, DC Housing Provider’s Association for 5 years
  4. Founder and Chairman of DCLUM, DC Landlord Unity Movement for 5 years
  5. Managing Partner of Housing & Urban Management, tenant placement for Section 8 Landlords and consulting on Landlord infrastructure and perplexing issues associated with managing Section 8 rentals
  6. Inventor of P.U.S.S.H., a service that uses a simple algorithm to score subsidized housing recipients based on their responses to uniquely crafted prescreening questions with scores ranging from 300 to 850 similar to Beacon scores …


Michael T. Kornegay, CVO

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