Consulting, Basic

Odd jobs and road trips as required. You can't be everywhere but you can let our field force team bring everywhere to you.

Starting at $45 for the first hour.

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HQS Inspection Coordination

Put some boots on the ground and send us out to meet with the HQS Inspector for your initial, final or re-certification inspection.

Starting at $159

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Move-in / Move-out Inspection

Switch, doors, ceilings, floors … to the windows, to the walls … it’s electric. Our jingle makes it hard to miss and photos are included in this critical report.

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Professional Photography

Put your best foot forward when marketing your rental listing since you only have one shot to make a 1st impression.

Starting at $159

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HQS Inspection Coordination Plus

Cover down with the works - HQS Pre-inspection, Initial / Final HQS Inspection as well as a QC Inspection on repair work done.


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Landlord Checkup / Consulting

Arm yourself with best practices, tools and the right team. Stop seeking business advice from your attorney - it’s like calling the police for a fire.

Starting at $45

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Basic Business License

Stay in compliance! The BBL is required by law to rent any type of rental property in DC - even your condo, coop or house.

Single Units starting at $479

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Quality Control /
QC Inspection

Hire us since you’re busy as opposed to paying vendors early for unfinished work. Remember … you get what you INSPECT, not what you EXPECT.


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24/7 Call Center | Basic and Emergency Maintenance Call Fielding with Detailed Troubleshooting | Repair Requests and Vendor Dispatch

Starting at $40 per month

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Consulting Services

Legal Services

Repair Services

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